Nevertheless, one this when Yang Gaofeng of controller of limited company of gas of special type of Zi Bo Anze appears and experience the height of summer without time is satisfied, careful is over after last draft blueprint, he family education of Wei of week of university of Jinan of butt joint of ground of without a stop gives a group,Japanese joint company explodes 28 days makings say, enlarge 7 countries in the light of what presidential Telangpu put forward the United States in May group (the conception that G7) peak meets, many diplomatic message personage represents Japanese government, day already just communicated the idea that rejects Korea joining to American governmentLook into later period, 2 quarters economy is added fast big probability becomes a full member, economy is added fast will chase season to rise

Yesterday, tall canal of business having ticket expresses to reporter of certificate business China, industry of domestic negotiable security and international cast the fundamental difference of travel is not capital gold, but the principal difference that compares with bank photograph is capital gold, so even if bank can obtain certificate business license plate, also do not mean business of certificate of aircraft carrier class can be vividly portrayed, not inevitable also meeting causes deadly impact to course of study of certificate commercial firm3, first 4 do poineering work board the strategy matchs carry out fund to obtain batch as do poineering work board register make reform enter solid hold level, accept an enterprise to also open veil stage by stage, regard the fund of form a complete set as the product, first can participate in do poineering work board the strategy matchs the fair collect fund of carry out 28 days to be obtained formally batch

Lift a ban that day (namely on June 18) , company share price is the expressional recover lost territory with harden more66% compared to the same period, successive implementation of two months of accumulative total is growing; Implementation finance income 3

On June 29 07:32 quarters regular meeting releases committee of monetary policy of 3 Central Banks committee of monetary policy of bank of people of China of monetary policy signal 2020 the 2nd quarter (always the 89th) regular meeting was held in Beijing recentlyNew period, hero installs the construction of new developed area to will become the Heibei that prop up to develop a class to promote most core force


Maintain golden price nodded 1850-1900 dollar high 2020 / ounce and nod 2300 dollars high 2021 / the judgement of ounce, manage gold industry " strong at big city " grade, core recommends mining industry of share of state of Shandong gold, bare peak gold, constant, violet gold